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I never look gay enough for girls to flirt with me

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British woman Harnaam Kaur started growing facial hair at 16 as a side effect of polycystic ovary syndrome. She tried waxing, shaving and bleaching before being baptised a Sikh, which forbids the cutting of body hair. Photograph: Brock Elbank/Barcroft Media


could you please fill out this quick survey for me?


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46 cents in my bank account

got 7 bucks in cash to last me a week.

woo 50 cent burritos and dollar ramen


i do not chase people

i do not chase men, and i do not chase friends

hell, i don’t even chase family

i’m here, and i’m important

i’m not running after people to prove that i matter

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sometimes i think i’m sassy and then i realize i’m just too sarcastic and borderline mean

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"you’re so full of yourself" no i had a lot of insecurites and a low self esteem which i worked extremely hard to overcome and now i realize that im awesome and i dont care if you think otherwise

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do you ever get the urge to clean your entire room and then 5 minutes after u start you’re like nah son and u just lay on the floor

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relationship goals


me and my friends on halloween


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rt meme => [4+] quotes

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pro-cilantro blog.

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